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August 28, 2018


Welcome to my blog. 


My idea here is to share some of my thoughts about things that come my way during my role as an elected states member.


As I write this blog I am just in the final states of updating my personal website. Having a website seems to be a dying art form. With blogs and social media why even bother??


Time is a very tricky thing to balance in this new role that's for sure. But I believe having a place which can bring everything together is a good thing. Its also going to take time to iron out so bare with me!


During the election (which now seems a very long time ago now) it was very clear that the work ahead of the new elected assembly was going to be full on. After the weeks and months of intense build up during the election with the hard work, daily strategy meetings, door knocking and online canvasing, it came a bit of a shock to the system when things slowed down. There was a very odd space of time between the election and being sworn in at the Royal Court. It was a strange limbo that was filled up in part with a two week induction to being a new states member. Oh and making sure all election posters came down. (They did, the next morning.)


This was very welcomed but it became clear that it was very much a learning curve for everyone. We started in the second week to have briefings on a range of things and again this all felt odd as we still hadn't been sworn in as elected members yet. Finally after the day of being made a states member more limbo as the first few sittings just came down to all the various roles we could all play. Including our next Chief Minister.


But soon things got moving and later we finally had a couple of states sittings, which again was welcomed but then before we knew it thats it, come back September 11th. Right then, time to really get to work.


Being on Scrutiny means we get straight into it, setting up meetings, panel briefings, scrutiny reviews including our big review of mental health services. This for me is important side of things which will allow me to learn very quickly the key areas of this role that a two week induction could only touch on.


Also being myself, the day I finally got access to my states email account I went about getting in contact with various people who quite frankly I just wanted to meet and simply ask (as anyone would do starting in a new firm) Who are you?  What to do you? and how can I help. This has led to many meetings across August, from the new CEO of the SOJ Charlie Parker to the head of the Ambulance Service and many others in-between.


I have of course not forgotten that my role is one of Deputy and in particular St Saviour District No. 1. So its been really helpful and eye opening going around the parish meeting folks, neighbours, attending various meetings at the Parish Hall and getting stuck into many Parish issues and work. Including going through a planning application from JCG to parishioner's simply reaching out to their local deputy for help. There have been many.


Oh and not to mention getting a big screen in place for the island during the World Cup. That was quite a moment and in fact more important was the message; that we can do things and find new ways to do so.


As the months role on, again it's very clear there is a lot for us to get to grips with. Very soon our work load is going to get very intense and very busy. I have my eyes on finding a way through it, all that bottom line results in progress. Too much time is lost in going around in circles. I have also self regulated myself as working hard these past few months has shown that in my eagerness I have taken too much on. I will be handling this in the next few days, however I have another panel which I am looking forward to being on with a HUGE project.


I have many ideas of how I want to achieve positive results that I believe make us stronger. I am not here for any other reasons but to make a difference, help those in need and seek truth in all I do. Aim high as always!


Our next states sitting is on September 11th. A day etched in my memory for how it changed the world and my life, a blog for another day. Before then we have many more briefings, meetings but work is underway, at last.





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