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Day Two - Two Pamplins

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to read my first blog of my time here in Uganda representing Jersey at the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentarians Conference.

Today started with a very interesting alarm clock of a cacophony of sounds ranging from cockerels, crickets, birds and in the distance a very annoyed sounding dog. Rough Start. After a swim and a recap of the day's agenda, we gathered together to make the brisk 8-minute drive to the conference location. Always a good idea I believe to have some separation from the main event and spend time with a fresh group of people. But would you believe those people also at our hotel come from that exotic location — Guernsey!

I don't know, come all this way & many miles to spend time with the nosey neighbours lol

One odd call made at the event here was to hold the CPA Small Branches Conference and the CWP one at the same time. It got a mention a few times yesterday and it came up quickly again today. Separating us I think is counterproductive and there must be more imaginative ways to stagger things.

But I do understand from Deputy Perchard it was a brilliant conference for the many Women coming together, would i have loved to have come along to witness that. Do read up on it!

So a brilliant thing happened today when the room was made up of not one but TWO “Pamplin’s” Have to understand dear reader that my surname is not that common, so it was a joy to meet Bermuda Politician — Patricia Gordon-Pamplin today. We hugged it out! 😊

Hearing her speak today on equality, importance of being real, honest genuine with integrity was amazing to hear. Maybe it’s in the Pamplin DNA after all. A pleasure to meet an experienced and a tour de force of a woman and importantly a local honest politician!

Just goes to show, that the only thing that divides us is not political only geography. We are not as divided as our politics suggest. A wonderful personal moment for me today.

The themes in the morning were about how to improve and the importance of training for politicans and what key areas are needed in the fast ever-changing landscape of politics and democracy itself. Again reasuring for me to hear the point of having honesty, a will to learn and learn from mistakes, so important. As well as bringing small branches (islands ) from around the world much tHan we are currently.

We seem to have governments too wrapped up with their eyes maybe on the big table but maybe we need to adjust our focus. Today talking to members from places like Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands and others on the issues of Mental Health, poverty and seaweed problems, well what more do I need to say about common shared issues and values.

Over what can only be described as the “biggest outdoor buffet lunch I have ever had the pleasure of eating at” (My diet has gone out the plane window on the way here clearly) I had a good chat with a delegate from the Isle of Man. Again simply sat chewing the cud and goat stew, no joke, again shows how much we have in common when it comes to our islands.

We also had an election to choose the new CPA small branches chair. It is always compelling taking part in election when it is not you on the ballot! Two excellent pitches and the vote was very close but the Newly elected Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Small Branches Chair is Hon. Niki Rattle, Speaker of Parliament of Cook Islands who made mention of the pressing need of small Legislatures within the Commonwealth to address common issues while in Uganda.

Wonder if she read my mind or my blog.

The afternoon session of the conference was devoted to that favourite subject of the American President, nope not fake news or fake anything else for that matter, but Climate Change. We heard some moving real life impact to small branches in Bermuda and especially in the British Virgin Islands.

The tone of the speakers voice was ony matched by the pain of the memory in his eyes. The effects and impact will be felt for years. Its so important that we all prepare for what we could be facing in the years to come and the financial and human cost. Also how lucky we are and should never take that for granted.

It was a pleasure & honour to stand to my feet and speak to the room and the delegates from around the world of the journey our islands assembly took to ensure our ggovernmenttake action in tackling Climate Change the power of taking action and being a global leader takes many forms. But we connected with local people and made a stand. Great to see us being used as a case study in a UN draft tool kit for small branches in tackling this problem.

So another good day with all three of us making sure that Jersey is engaging and using our passions, skills, voice and energy to play our part, not just here this week but long term.

Maybe more Pamplins are out there. Though my friends will probably say one of me is more than enough.

There is no such thing as a small part only small minds. I know we have shown our little island is going to do big things for our future generations bringing us all closer together.

That is a change of climate we all said with one voice today that it's going to be HUUUUGE!