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Carrying on your work again for 2022-2026


Having grown up and lived in the parish most of my life as well as my family, I know it means many things too many of you. Fundamentally you want to be able to live in a Parish that is meeting your needs, getting value for money, protecting green land and supporting our local businesses. I will carry on brining your concerns forward as we try to unite as 4 elected Deputies and the new Constable to work better together for you

Last years census gave us a snapshot that shows us that we still have the 2nd largest populated parish of 13,904 (13% of the overall total) but also the smallest increase in population of only 2% in 10 years. Many reasons for this but mostly it is because we are doing our part to help the housing crisis.


But with the third highest density we are crowded with limited spaces at our primary schools for example. In 3 years time we have the follow up Bridging Island plan, I will yet again work with the Parish to ensure we protect our treasured green spaces, enhance them where we can, see through the Five Oaks Masterplan to ensure you are fully included.


I also want to see a similar plan for other busy areas of our parish. We carry a lot of the islands traffic and I will carry on bringing people together including all the relevant schools and colleges to find solutions, that doesn't comprise you but includes you.

I will continue to make myself available to you to support you with any problems you have. With my experience and knowledge and relationships I have forged, I can be an effective support to you. As I always say, I can't promise what the outcome will be, but I can promise you I will do everything I can for you.

I will do all in my power to ensure that part of the provision for schools includes the Parish at the heart of it. We need another primary school to help lift the burden our current ones have. Of course this is not so straight forward but worth looking at and working with our neighbour parishes to fix this.

Build on the community coming together during the pandemic to create more community led incentives. We need more family parish events that cater for all ages. I will look to help a public led community events team come in place that can support the parish hall and the BOF etc

Regular meetings with you, I held successful parish "surgeries" doing walks with parishioners, coffee mornings at Howard Davis Park or the Parish Hall, any time.


A lot of my Assembly work has been focussed on Health and Social Services, in particular on improving the islands Mental Health services. From day one either in my own capacity or as Vice Chair leading major reviews that led to much needed improvements. I also led the scrutiny on the Jersey Care Model and brought forward the proposal of an independent oversight board. Without this the much needed work to improve the islands health care would have failed before it had even begun. I am passionate most about how the islands health and social care must be improved across the board. It needs ministerial leadership that will be as challenging as it is supportive. The staff on the ground some of who I have had the pleasure to meet first hand from my voluntary 24 hours shift I spent in the General Hospital, and across the care sector deserve better. As do all of you too.

It is going to be a challenging time given the pressures of recruitment and the ever growing demands on the entire service. Therefore we need to root out the culture once and for all of bullying and lack of accountability. If we are to keep our unique Jersey care system and NOT an NHS style, then it is time to refocus. This starts at the top. We need to ensure more local experienced leaders are coming through, who understand this island and its people. While we support those skilled people who come to help and bring their skills to improve the service. But once for all we need not just an oversight board for delivery of the JCM, but we need an arms length board to oversee and publicly hold to account HCS delivery.

There is also the Public Health law legislation due in the next term. While this is many, many years overdue and needed I have many concerns of what will be put inside the law. So with my experience and results of the past 4 years I will be best served for the Island to oversee this. And protect the role of Medical Officer of Health. A role so crucial that is being phased out and I am not convinced of this.

So again here are my main issues to bring forward in whatever capacity I find myself in sat int he next Assembly. (I would want to lead scrutiny once again) As well as ensuring HCS staff have the best care package possible, wages and mental health support. Better communication with the island, More integration but not burdening the islands health based charities and Assisted Dying legislation that will need again good experienced scrutiny before it is hopefully passed.

  • Mental Health: Build on the outcomes I have led on. Including the construction of a new much-needed acute in-patient facility, improvements to the current facility, better financial investment, and the other needed changes I secured. But waiting lists reduction will be my top priority as well and urgently increase all the schools counselling provision.

  • Dementia: Request through a proposition, that the much-delayed strategy is brought forward as a matter of urgency. Including improved community, patients’ pathways with a review of all mental health capacity laws and the work is, once for all, fully funded.

  • Care model: Ensure that our islands charities are not overburdened and protected as work continues with the Jersey Care model. Bring forward a carers strategy to help the financial and health burden for many of our struggling pensioners. Based on the scrutiny I have led on, seek to establish a local independent board to refocus and monitor performance, costs, deliverability of health care & be publicly held to account.

In other areas of island life as mentioned on my other pages. The cost of living and housing are key issues. As I am standing as an independent with no preference for a Chief Minister or Government, I will be seeking the best leader who can lead with compassion for all. And rise above the personal and ensure all States Members can be part of the problem solving. Here are some of my snapshot thoughts. Please feel free to contact me to hear more of my views:

If elected, what would be your main priorities?

A: Build on the outcomes to improve Mental Health Services & Dementia Strategy brought forward. Support urgent proposals and policies to support islanders hit by inflation rises. 


What do you perceive to be Jersey's biggest problems and how would you solve them?

A: As the recent census hinted at, the growing older population and the pressure that continues to grow on the hard-working middle Jersey. We have to reduce the reliance on personal taxation. We must ensure pathways for our young people to work on the island.


What policies would you suggest to help resolve the housing crisis?

A: Sensible and fair empty property Tax, schemes and other polices to enable young islanders to access the housing ladder. Need to cut the red tape and process to allow surplus States of Jersey land/properties to be ensured for affordable long-term homes. Higher Stamp duty on purchase of multiple properties. Homes also built for modern low energy consumption to reduce family bills.


What measures can be put in place to ease the cost of living?

A: Get the data released from my Relative-Poverty amendment work led by Stats Jersey. Increase the thresholds at which people start paying Tax to put money back into the pockets of working people. Urge Treasury to bring some income tax rental relief for local working people who rent.

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